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 Kip 's Werewolf RP Bio

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Kip 's Werewolf RP Bio Vide
PostSubject: Kip 's Werewolf RP Bio   Kip 's Werewolf RP Bio EmptySat Feb 20, 2010 10:05 pm

Name: Kip Martin

Age: 15 1/2

Gender: Male

Werewolf Species: Loup- Garou

Wolf Form: Light brown legs, brown back, head, and tail, white underbelly, chest, and muzzle

Human Form: Brown hair

Eye Colour: Hazel, more greenish coloured

Personality: Kip is an outgoing guy and is fun to be around. He'll help anyone and is a nice guy. He can get mad if you anger him enough, but that rarely ever happens since he has a calm nature. He isn't very patient and tends to rush people, which can annoy them. He has been known to get very annoying.

History: Kip was born to Leah and Kevin Martin. They had a nice house - the one Kip still uses. Since Kip was around 7, he realized he was a loup-garou and kept this a secret from his parents. But when Kip had recently turned 14, his parents died in a car crash. Since that day, he has been living alone. It's pretty rough, as he as little to no friends at all, so he's almost always alone. Since his parents died, he whistles more than ever and is either wandering the forest, sitting in trees, or at the park; all of this by himself.

Human Form
Kip 's Werewolf RP Bio Brown_hair_brown_eyes

Half - Wolf Form
Kip 's Werewolf RP Bio WolfBoy

Wolf Form
Kip 's Werewolf RP Bio I_Love_Kangaroos_by_WildSpiritWolf
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Kip 's Werewolf RP Bio

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