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 Jeb's bio

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Jeb's bio Vide
PostSubject: Jeb's bio   Jeb's bio EmptyMon Feb 15, 2010 5:53 am

Name: "Jeb" Jebediah Martin

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Twilight Werewolf

(wolf form) fur color: Dark Grey, although wolf form is rarely used.

(human form) hair color: Raven black

eye color: Blue

Personality: Before the incident, Jeb was mostly a carefree boy, spending his afternoons exploring the forest. After, however, Jeb sank into despair, eventually managing to come out of it for one reason: eliminate the werewolf who caused all of it. Now an orphan, not to mention homeless, Jeb spends his days tracking the culprit and living off the forest. After softening to the idea of a werewolf, he decided to help those who recently entered its ranks.

History: Born Jebediah Martin to Joseph and Ophelia Martin, Jebediah was raised in a house nearby the woods. Often exploring it in his childhood, he eventually learned every inch of that forest. That information would prove life-saving later, when he was bitten from a werewolf that managed to kill his parents and he escaped by hiding atop the highest tree he could climb.

Jeb's rarely used wolf form:
Jeb's bio Werewolf
Jeb's bio Black-blue2
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Jeb's bio

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