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 Eclipse ~~werewolf bio

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Eclipse ~~werewolf bio Vide
PostSubject: Eclipse ~~werewolf bio   Eclipse ~~werewolf bio EmptySun Feb 14, 2010 4:13 pm

Name: Eclipse
Human name: James Hampton

Age: 17

Gender: male

Species: Common

(wolf form) fur color: dark brown with a black stripe running down his back

(human form) hair color: same shade of dark brown

eye color: green

Personality: a no nonsence type of person, he doesn't like to mask the truth. He is generally friendly and obidient and prefers reasoning to fighting however when all else fails, he is not defenceless. Although suspicious at first, he will protect people he cares about and follow them to the end.

History: He was nicknamed Eclipse by his parents as he was born at the same time as one occured. Somehow he kept his name and sometimes prefers to use that name instead of his real one. He is a part time pilot who was training for a night time flying licence, Eclipse found himself torn from his human life by an affliction that entered his blood from a mysterious bite. He now found himself in between two worlds, feared by the humans and unknown to werewolves he is forced to wonder the land alone.
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Eclipse ~~werewolf bio

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