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 Arrow's bio (werewolf rp character)

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Arrow's bio (werewolf rp character) Vide
PostSubject: Arrow's bio (werewolf rp character)   Arrow's bio (werewolf rp character) EmptySun Feb 14, 2010 3:48 pm

Name: Arrow
Nickname: Air

Age: 17 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Loup-Garou

Arrow's bio (werewolf rp character) Kira_yamato_by_lovedreams

Half-wolf form: (I don't look very wolfic do I? No didn't think so.)
Arrow's bio (werewolf rp character) Gx01-010

Werewolf form:
Arrow's bio (werewolf rp character) Arrow10

Personality: Arrow has a split personality. For the most part, he acts like a small child or in other words he's, Happy-go-lucky, Funny, Shy, Dull and curagous. He's also doesn't like to talk very much making him quiet. On the other side of his 'split' personality he is aggressive, overly smart and he has a dark sence of hummor. (eg: Being able to predict dooms day and crack a joke in the same sentance)

History: I will tell it later, though if Arrow is ever asked about it, his eyes glow liquid yellow and says "don't ask such a stupid question" before walking off.
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Arrow's bio (werewolf rp character)

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