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 Skylen Werewolf Bio

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Skylen Werewolf Bio Vide
PostSubject: Skylen Werewolf Bio   Skylen Werewolf Bio EmptySun Feb 14, 2010 3:47 pm

Name: Skylen Duwel

Nickname: Sky

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Loup-Garou

(wolf form) fur color: Jet black with white flecks on back and tail

(human form) hair color: black

eye color: blue

Personality: Skylen is not one to be very shy. She'll talk to anyone and help anyone whos hurt. She can be calm and patient but doesn't like to be too quiet. Skylen gets offened easily but knows how to take a joke. She can become agressive and stubborn, though only on rare ocasions as she tries to control herself.

History: Skylen was born as a werewolf. She's never know the life of a normal human though she does wish she had (or did) sometimes. Skylen had been growing up in a small town practically in the middle of no where until her parents told her what she was. Though soon problems arose in town and they were forced to move. Skylen now wonders around the local area, wondering if she'll ever have a chance of being normal.


Human Form:
Skylen Werewolf Bio AkaiRed2-1

Half-Wolf form:
Skylen Werewolf Bio 1133663860_ntsfighter

Wolf Form:
Skylen Werewolf Bio BlackWolfNightwolf1217
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Skylen Werewolf Bio

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